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Bradley and Jimmy are back. Today, Bradley received his anal hole thoroughly slammed by Jimmy but not before Bradley exposes off an impressive array of oral skills! ass fuck 2012-08-06 2:30
The sweaty tales of Los Angeles continue in this minute installment of Welcome to LA. This time Justin Owen is off to his first audition in Burbank. He practices his lines outside for the new action movie, FUSE. He feels prepared and confident. He walks into anal hardcore 2013-10-11 3:17
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Roleplay is every single day awesome fun when it's organised at the penthouse as a way to entertain guests. This time the guest is Alex Cumming: a cute, very wet Cool Zealand lad who visits all the time bouncing that Sebastian will catch control of him. This time is no exception, Alex is told to change into a Boxers outfit and pretend to have strained a muscle. After a complete examination, Nurse Seb orders the dude to remove his shorts revelling the real condition - an erection! This must be taken fondle of right away, says Seb, stooping down to start giving the dude a tender, long oral session followed by one of Seb famous, torture-ace hand-jobs that gets Alex over the top, shooting cum everywhere. muscle fun 2012-10-24 2:03
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Freshmen Loads load 2012-07-12 2:42
Alexander Garrett and Trey Turner in "The Lay-Over" 2012-01-11 3:02
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Outerwear are warming up for Summer and clothes are warming up at Black stud Intrigue is in the house and he's found our latest bit of white meat at a church of all places and his name is Brian Walker. Brian works at the church and is no stranger to white knob but wants to "talent " a biggest sexually knob for the first time. I think Intrigue can help him out with that.So Intrigue waits for Brian to get off job and takes him back to the crib and runs him through the paces. He puts Brian on his knees to have him suck his brutal sexually knob and to watch how insane this white boy is. From how Brian is swallowing that biggest sexually knob he's very eager...hell, who wouldn't be, right?!So when they get done with the knob swallowing they move on to "deeper" things. Brian cops a squat right down on Intrigures brutal sexually pole. Sliding down every inch of it until it's buried deep in his lusty hole...and from there it only takes better. hard cock 2012-08-27 2:24
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It's been a long, sweaty cock of a summer but the moment you've been waiting for is finally here...Helix Academy is now back in session!!! The university year starts with Father Glenn up to his aged tricks welcoming the fresh fresh faced students to the Academy. This first installment features high university heartthrob Andy Taylor jerking off in the middle of class while blond gf Scotty Clarke tries to fit in with his fresh buddies by begging amazing jock Evan Parker to get it on him. Follow the sweet sound of university bells to discover out what kind of trouble these preppy perky boys with get into next! Starring: Evan Parker, Scotty Clarke blond blowjob 2013-08-19 2:08
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Aiden Summers and Giovanni Lovell confirm that, while they can be new, they can put on a show! boy 2012-05-11 2:33
Greetings, CockyBoys fans! We are Cilantro C. Guevara and Hugo Harley, guest directors this week at CockyBoys. We've spent our time here working behind the scenes for Jake Jaxson, so when he gave us the occasion to shoot a scene of our very own, we jumped at the opportunity. Cilantro loves doing scenes but has never shot a porno before, while Hugo has an encyclopedic knowledge of sexy but not the hands-on experience (wink)! So we work together amazing well, especially after we picked up another newbie to the industry by the name of Avery Dylan to be our star. Considering Avery only only jizzed to the US six months ago from Russia, his English is amazing solid. He was able to tell us all sorts of wicked things he used to do with his ex-boyfriend, and also what he likes most when he takes naked with a guy. Of course, we also had to ask him how to told wicked words in Russian, and in fact you are wondering, дрочить is Russian for "jerk off." Somehow, we know that will arrive in handy someday. Thankfully, gay sex is a universal language so there was no translation necessary when he got naked for us and started to дрочить. He has a wonderful body and a amazing fat cock, so all we had to do was let the cameras roll as he did his thing. He was a very sweet boy and we absolutely hope to use him again in the future! cock sweet 2013-03-13 3:25
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Adam and City park are working on their yoga stretches and City park notices Adam needs a tide help. City park instructs Adam how to properly bend in that particular position. Being so finish together City park can’t help keeping his hands off Adam. position little 2011-07-21 1:00
Whilst Sebastian puts Adam Watson through an anal assault, bait-boi Justin mummifies Adam's boyfriend, Kelvin Summers, in another part of Sebastian's penthouse. Secured to the massage table, Justin relentlessly stimulates Kelvin's rock barely college cock with ice cubes and boiling cool water. Exposing Kelvin's helpless nipples, Justin mounts an assault  which deserts them pink and tender. Justin's reward has to be Kelvin's cum. Watch Justin edge Kelvin's throbbing stuff until it can take more and explodes cool college cumshot over Kelvin's bound body. rock hard 2012-10-24 2:00
Erotic opportunist and talent scout Andrew Stark has four evenly matched players who all gave up their chinks for a opportunity at the Major League. See Andrew screw all Four chinks to find out who received the final spot! cock men 2013-03-14 1:00
Blake takes an afternoon to pleasure himself using an 8" dildo. Starring: Blade Woods dildo pleasure 2012-05-16 1:59
Jesse Jordan and Alex Andrews come to an agreement over renting office space, but it isn't until they both cumming that the deal is done. ass cum 2011-07-13 2:35
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When this captive refuses to play ball the sexy daddy cop decides to use his truncheon! play captive 2015-02-26 3:34
Jasper Robinson received a rude awakening from Jeff Sterne. Jasper's sticky smooth ass received some color from Sterne's paddle, then Jeff pulls off his boxer briefs for some bare hand spanking. By the time Sterne pulls out his belt, Jasper in wincing in pain and promising to be a sweet boy. Starring: Jeff Sterne, Jasper Robinson ass hand 2011-04-10 1:46
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Coby fresh to spank wishes he had done better with his performance at the recital, than maybe he wouldn't had suffered the consequences of a nice red ass. ass performance 2010-05-12 2:19
Valentin and Sean both sport horsedicks and Valentin can't wait to get Sean's hefty sexually stick down his gullet. In a short time it's Sean deepthroating his buddy's uncut meat pole, exciting both of them so a lot that they begin to fuck. Positioned behind, Sean plugs Valentin's asshole with his thunder stick and thrusts in and out with fervor. Their girls glisten with sweat as they continue pounding with Valentin now down on his back. The white Russian jacks himself off and cums while his studly sexually soldier nails him until he finally pulls out and creams him. fuck sucking 2012-03-29 2:00
Trey and his friend are beat from playing several B ball. As Trey goes and washes off he finds himself in hot rubbing on his cock. His friend come to his thoughts and he gets even hornier. Trey gos to his friend and begins rubbing his prick and while he tickles his ass hole... cock love 2010-06-10 4:00
Fantastic emo Dakota strips down to nothing and he grasps his man-meat and starts to massage it to hardness. With every stroke his fleshy foreskin slides up and down, covering and uncovering his man-meat head. As he jacks off, he leans back on the divan giving a cock hardening view view cock 2012-06-21 2:32

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Casting Couch #91: Marco Blaze, Thomas Achaval couch casting 2014-02-20 2:55
AJosh proves his topping skills by joining Andy in double-teaming an mad Kyler Moss. fuck cum 2012-02-28 2:34
Casting Couch #41: Tomas Sebastiani, Jorge couch casting 2014-02-20 1:45
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Smooth, young Mylo is in for a severe session of CBT in this video. Tied to a massage table, his slabs will never be the same after enduring the coarse game that's inflicted on him in this intense one-on-one. His face looks so damn gorgeous even when it's contorted in pain. table intense 2012-04-05 2:00
Ryan Rockford isn't impressed with Dominic Reed's wrestling trophies so the dudes charm in a awesome match ref'd by Johnny Rapid. When Ryan comes out on underwear he decides to share his prize with Johnny Prompt and the dudes pass his bum back and forth! cock ass 2012-09-18 1:12
This beautiful three way sexy episode features three handsome British young guys showing off their awesome twinkie dicks and tight bums. The two started teaming up and started cramming their boners into their buddy's mouth, making him stroke it and guzzle it down his throat. dick tight 2012-02-07 3:00
We here at Rear Stable don't think you could have got a couple more evenly matched than Bruno Bond and Junior Stellano. Both have the most beauty muscled arms, athletic chests and fascinating fur spread across their bodies. Seeing as they're so similar, it wouldn't be far unless we let them fuck each other's butts in this video to watch who was the best top... but you'll have a hard time deciding who's best between these experience performers. fuck sucking 2011-06-19 2:00
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Danny Brooks is ready to work extra stiff to earn his Christmas bonus from Drake Mitchell. hard extra 2011-12-20 5:03
It's back to the gym with out turned on homeboys, where their love of dick has evolved to several ass-play too. Check this crew out as they bury their heads in each others asses and skewer their throats on several bulging sexually cock. sucking orgy 2012-07-09 2:00
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Role game is always a cool advert "Solder in Uniform Wanted" was what the advert read! Fit straight Solder Man William Brooklyn answers the ad to find himself in role game with Sebastian. Sebastian gaming the platoon doctor and William the private attending his first medical. Ordered to strip and lie down on the examination table, Sebastian waist not a moment in receiving William tied up down and examined. William explains he has a girl-friend at apartment and satisfied not to have his man-hood challenged. Role game is role game and Sebastian continues the examination pleasure demanding that William provide a viscous sample! Not able to stroke himself, William has not choice but to let Sebastian stroke him off, blowjob him off and pleasure take him past the point of no return. Sebastian received his viscous sample and William received a head-fuck and to live with his newest secret! home fuck 2012-10-24 2:00
Nate has been having a tough time working on the latest car to came into the shop. He’s begged 1 of his employees, Micah, to help him out. There is 1 copulate that they just can’t get out. Taking stressed over lack of progress Nate offers a way to relieve Micah’s frustrations. car screwing 2011-07-21 1:10
Maybe it's the sun jerk off starting to kick in, causing these men to do clothes they might not normally do, but these men are receiving the action even farther than ordinary GGC party, losing all inhibition and passing the boots nastiness around like burgers cool off the grill! ass outdoor 2011-11-04 3:00
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Jake is making his rounds through the dorms looking for new “meat” to pledge his Fraternity. He comes across his brother’s friend, Matthew, and offers he join. Jake tells Matthew that the frat brothers do “a lot of enjoyment penis and have a lot of brotherly secrets”… meat fun 2011-07-21 1:00
There's just something about a buzzed gorgeous like Anthony being crammed up with a gigantic cock that really tickled me in this video. Here's a young American boyfriend that knows how to lick eight inches in either finish and still look as sexy as hell. Alex's skills go without saying given the size of his appendage. muscle twink 2011-02-25 2:00
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What’s best than 1 gigantic cock? Try two! That’s what you’ll get with Danny Dawson and Tich Jones. You wouldn’t expect Tich to have such a massive 1 just from his name. Goes to bare you that looks can be deceiving. This scene starts superbly with Couple huge dicked teens getting sexy and sexually aroused with each other. They pound good tight holes until they’re spread to the limit! And just wait ’til you watch the good cumshots! It’ll make you craving to put your tongue out and lick it up yourself! Yeah. It’s that good. cock sweet 2012-08-23 1:49
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This pub is officially open for business, and that's all the reason these gay-boys need to arrive together, clink their glasses, and get nude and cool like the freaks they are! Most of these orgy dudes don't need any liquid encouragement to jump into their favorite past time, but you can imagine that after chugging a beer or Couple all of these turned on studs are prepared to go and prepared to expose us altogether how buddies go crazy! business orgy 2011-06-17 3:00
Our cool dorm fellas meet, and very fast get the measure of 1 another. It doesn’t take them monster to start 69ing 1 another receiving a good taste of their meat, before the bottom takes his cunt opened cute and wide with a toy, followed by a cute bareback extremely cock. These two definitely look like they’re in for a fun semester. hard cock 2012-07-13 20:08
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If you want your man-meat jerks off right then white boys get the business done! Let me introduce you to Erin. His family doesn't know he's stud but my cock in his hands knows it. He's every day being hit on by several skank whores but you might as well tattoo "Black Owned" on his face. His soft white hands make a cute resting place for my dark man-meat which is at full attention. His raging muscles, his milky white skin, and soothing hands are going to make him a cute addition to my white boy stable. His buttocks was inches from my face as he gave me this wicked masturbate job. I had to behave myself and oppose temptation to jam my dark man-meat up his tight white stud ass. Listen closely so you may hear my balls swinging in all directions as Erin's hands jack me off until my belly becomes a pool of my Amateur glue. cock ass 2012-05-21 2:52
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Boot Torture and Spanking torture spanking 2011-05-11 2:59
Newbie Adam takes introduced to the Fratboy family by the sexy, big dicked Steffen Van. They instantly hit if off. Its wonderful enough just watching them roll around making out in their jeans, their toned, smooth sluts rubbing up against 1 another. Adam turns out to be a lusty cock sucker. Steffen grabs ahold of his head and forces his bone down Adam's throat. Adam has a stellar butt just begging to be pummeled by Steffen's rod. He jams it in, and by the look on Adam's face, its a tight fit for sure, but the Fratboys don't keep back. The tattooed skater friend slams the preppy newbie. Adams perfect, chiseled butt cheeks elastic up and down on Steffen's schlong which seems to pump the creampie right out of him. Adam is left drenched with Couples loads of jizz after Steffen jacks a creamy wonderful 1 all over his face and neck...a warm welcome gift. cock ass 2012-07-12 2:42
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Sami and Paul are out of their army greens and into each other in this incredibly steamy muscle-on-muscle lick and shit xxxculsive video. This duo have 2 of the most impressively ripped bodies we've seen in a long time, and you'll just see them in act on Rear Stable. fuck muscle 2012-08-23 2:00
Austin soon learns that to get the raise he wants, he'll have to do a little more than just business to get ahead of his peers. little office 2011-05-20 2:36
Tied down to the bed naked, Calvin Croft cuts fully a sweet shape with his smooth skin and silvery hair. Leo James thinks so too, giving him a full slut massage, licking his beautiful cock and jerking both their dicks at the same time. cock dick 2011-12-08 2:00 young guys present hammerboys Eighteen 05:05 men fuck 2013-11-01 5:05
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Tall and lanky James Font pays his twink friend a visit. He and Andy Roll immediately begin doing out. The two fuck buddies leisurely strip, teasing each other and licking on the others nipples. Andy wastes small time before dropping to his knees and going for the one thing he wants most; James’ uncut dick! The buxom rod fits awesome in his mouth and is just the right size for Andy. James returns the oral favor and services his uncut sausage lovingly while stroking his puckered rosebud and playing with the young man’s balls. Andy blows James a while longer before the taller of the two straddles Andy and jumps his cock. Being versatile, James really goes to city then gets screwed on his side before both slender young dudes sit side-by-side and wank themselves until they cum. cock men 2012-07-13 1:03
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Scott Tanner approach over the ridge and is jumped by Logan and Rick. Logan holds Tanner tight as Rick tears off his pantyhose and penetrates him first as Rick holds him down. When Rick wants his turn he grabs Tanner and turns him over, putting his ass in line with Rick's dick. Logan holds Tanner down as Rick pilages Tanner's hole. As the onslaught ends all 3 guys sperm and the screaming begins to subside. fuck outdoor 2011-12-25 2:00
Woodshop Directed by Chris Ward Wood working has never been hotter than the fucking that takes place in this Woodshop. Hall-of-Fame director, Chris Ward assembles a coarse and rugged crew of master carpenters who are screwing experts. Check out Steve Vex nailing Angelo Marconi, Samuel Colt boring into Damien Drake, Roman Heart (in his first Raging Fellow movie) taking nailed by Morgan Swarthy and Tom Wolfe driving his wood depths into Trent Locke. This Woodshop will make you wish you had not many projects to do with loving helpers like these. Scene One - Angelo Marconi & Steve Vex Both in jeans and shirtless, Angelo Marconi and Steve Vex are doing out in the shop. Angelo works Steve's bulging pecs with his lips and Steve returns the favor, and they get right back to hardcore core kissing. Soon Angelo's on his knees licking Steve's thick tool, choking on it and spitting on it to slather it up really good. 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